Humming , Buzzing Noise


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leeds, uk
hi i have a 2.0 tdi gt edition and i have a constant buzzing noise sounds like from back not sure though its when engine running car does not have to be moving and when swtch engine off it goes on for 2 to 3 secounds ,sounds like a pump or something as anyone else experienced this ,does anyone know what it is or is it normal ive had a few vw 2.0 tdi cars never herd this before any ideas ?


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I don't know about the UK models but the US models had fuel pumps that would explode. It happened to a friend of mine and it was covered under warranty. It caused over $8000 in damage. Virtually all the parts in the fuel system had to be replaced. Injectors etc. This was some years back so I would think that you would have had a recall if yours was included by now.


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I think a lot of cars, if not most/all of them, have electric fuel pumps in the gas tank and some buzz annoyingly loudly. I had one in an '89 Mustang GT that drove me crazy - it was a high pitched whine/buzz all the time. It was deemed "normal" and never got replaced. If you're hearing something similar from the back of the car, that's the only thing I think it could be but I don't know what else is back there on these cars. It's 2WD, right? No Haldex pump or anything like that. So probably just a loud fuel pump.


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hmm, wonder if this might be related to something I just noticed yesterday, with my 2019 GTI 6MT, just approaching 5k miles.

Drove down from DC to NC yesterday morning, parked at Mom's place, and later in the day started driving around again to take her ot some appointments. Started to notice a rear-right buzzing noise whenever I removed my foot from the throttle, car still moving, seems about any speed above 15 or 20mph. Occurs at least in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears that I noticed. depressing the throttle makes it disappear, but as soon as I pull my foot off, the buzz starts.

When I got out of the car after that first drive notcing the noise, there was an "electric" smell near the rear of the car, there on the right side. I haven't poked around, and it's not like I would know what to look for. Fuel is actually approaching the 1/8 mark now, which brought this thread to my attention. I know it's low and can lead to fuel pump issues (I was kinda waiting until tomorrow to top it off, when the current covid-realted CSR benefits kick in to credit gas towards annual travel benefit :D). Also, parking spaces in front of Mom's house are on a pretty steep slope (I tend to park forward), so wondering if this also exacerbates fuel pump problems with a low tank...

I was holding the sunroof shade up while driving, wondering if it was one of the common sunroof/shade vibration issues, but that didn't seem to consistently alleviate the buzzing. ...not that the throttle activity and the electric smell would keep me thinking that the sunroof has anything to do with it.