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Hey from Indian Ocean


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Hello guys,

Thanks for welcoming me here.

I decided to join because I'm getting issues with my ESC on a MK7 2013 TDI.

Of course I will give my help to other member when I'll be able to.

For the curious : Will post photos later

My car is a basic 1.6TDI 105hp totally tuned :D

Kufatec Sound Booster in the engine-bay + Kufatec Mini Sound at exhaust exit
Produced in end-2012 - Bought in may 2013 - Today mileage is 133 000kms (82 642 miles)
Stage 3 - DPF OFF - EGR OFF - Big Turbo (the one from the GTD) -
BMC carbon intake -
R-line Body - Full Led double U headlights -- Full rear led lights

Oil is Castrol 5w40 (as I have removed DPF) and oil is changed every 15 000kms (9320 miles)
Still on original clutch

Power is : 196hp (145 kw)
Torque is around 403nm on bench test
Average consumption is between 4.3 L /100kms (47mpg) and up to 7 L/100kms (33mpg)when driving hard and/or in moutains.

My age is 23
My location is Reunion Island in Indian Ocean
We are a full part of Europe
We are a French department (97)


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