Help! Eurodyne Stage 2 Dyno Result.


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adjust sliders down. top of the software far right. car on. read. adjust. write. read again to ensure
How likely is it that the issues lay in the plugs or coils?

2 years ago I did have Cylinder 3 dead misfire issue due to the injector was blocked. During the process of finding the issue, I did replace all the plugs to some colder ones, the RS7 ones and also a new stock mk7 coil just for cylinder 3. Could that have caused problems ?

So I just turn down all the sliders a bit and log again ? Just until the timing corrections all close to 0 ? Will turning down the sliders fix the knock but cause other problems ?

Thank you


Passed Driver's Ed
Vancouver, B.C.
move octane slider to 87

full mod list please. everything done to car. mounts. exhaust. anything

CTS Turbo cat-less DP
CTS Turbo catback
CTS Turbo turbo muffler delete
CTS Turbo open intake
BFI Stage 1 engine, transmission, dogbone mount
RS7 spark plugs
H&R street coilover

Always ran on either chevron 94 or shell 91, but lately been only running shell 91, heard its better in BC canada

Cylinder 3 had dead misfire 2 years ago. The shop opened the intake valve to pull out the injector for cleaning (it was clogged to have caused the dead cylinder). Dont know if this info matters.


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It's both, moreso fuel quality. You keep going into 4th it just gets worse. I always recommend an IC before DP after tuning.

If you're willing to commit to ethanol you don't need to do anything but add 3 gallons and fill the rest with 91. You can turn boost and timing up and it will run like a rocket.