Help! Eurodyne Stage 2 Dyno Result.


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Hello all,

I have conducted my first ever set of dyno pulls today and I am very disappointed to see the result. I am seeking for experienced suggestions towards my next step to fix the problem. I am still quite new into all this, so please bare with me since my knowledge is limited.

I was on a mustang dyno and the HP number you see on the graph has already been converted into dyno jet value. The guy has told me after, that he accidentally put the program in AWD which means we have to add another ~5% hp onto the number shown in the image which brings to ~250hp. With all the mods and stage 2 flash, I should be at around 300hp (as advertised and also had seen on other people's result). The mechanic had also mentioned that at certain part of the graph he could see that I was running a bit too lean and something about suspecting the timing might be off, and in conclusion he agreed with me when I said, so something is wrong with the tune.

Another guy had pointed out something interesting which is that where I live, Vancouver, BC, unfortunately has bad quality gas, so he was suspecting that the tune maybe based on a better quality Oct91 or Oct93 which may had threw off the ECU when I put in the Vancouver grade gas. I am not sure how true that is, but is it really that much different? 50hp difference?? If we are talking about E85, I can probably believe it.

As of right now, I am leaning towards changing a tuning software maybe to Unitronic or APR, etc. But I do not want to switch without knowing the real reason why I am not gaining the same amount of power other people are gaining from Eurodyne. Incase it is not actually the tune which has the problem.

Any sort of suggestions will be so much appreciated. Thank you guys... I probably won't be able to sleep tonight lol.

P.S. Yes, 3 pulls were done and the best one is the one they sent to me.
charles chung dyno.JPG

Vehicle info:
2016 Mk7 GTi 2.0L turbo, non performance package
Manual Transmission
always added either Chevron Oct94 or Shell 91

Here's a complete list of my mod:
CTS Turbo cat-less downpipe
CTS Turbo catback
CTS Turbo turbo muffler delete
CTS Turbo open air intake
BFI Stage 1 engine, transmission, doggone mount
GFB DV+ diverter valve
Eurodyne Stage 2, 91 Octane High Torque map


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No,. just need you to get your cable out, pull up a device (whatever you flash the car with), fire it up, get to 3rd gear and floor it at 3k, try to get some of 4th.