Help/Advice on my GTD


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2015 golf GTD
Hi all, I’ve had a 2015 GTD DSG now for about a year, amazing car, but I’ve had a few issues that the dealer “can’t” seem to find.

First up, the DSG seems to play up from time to time, delayed shifts, pulling away in 2nd gear from a complete stop, in Manual mode between 2nd and 3rd is seems to have a really harsh knock when it shifts at about 3,500 rpm and up.
The dealer found a fault code on the box as worn clutches, but instead or replacing them they just re-set the box to the current wear on the clutches. Since then the issue is still remains but no fault code. So the dealer claims there nothing wrong even after keeping the car for 10 days.

second up, on start up, there is a very noticeable squeak from the engine, it’s not the belts 100% on that, it sounds more so of a bearing. It’s an every day thing, I have videos and all showing this, but somehow the dealer claimed they heard nothing and could not find anything wrong...

thirdly, when activating launch control, the revs seem to bounce around instead of being constant. Watching all videos of people with their launch control, all their cars the revs sit firm, but mine bounces?

Lastly, I sometimes get a bit of a hesitation/mis-fire when the car is at about 1,200 to 1,400 rpm, again I have videos to prove this and once again the dealer claimed they didn’t notice anything.

your help will be well appreciated on this.