Help… Turbo issues 2018 Golf R


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Already mentioned, but you don't want to push an IS38 that hard without a tailored tune anyway. OTS tunes that are mild and dont chase high numbers are safer. I ran a Unitronic stage 2 for 100k miles and it was great until I upgraded to the IS38 file from them.. I think Uni maybe rushed that tune a little. The few times that it did make power the boost ramp up was violent I though for sure I would either melt the tires, or eject the turbo exhaust turbine out the exhaust like yours did. The rest of the time just cruising around it ran very rich.

My advice would be to get a more solid turbo and a dialed in tune. Or get another IS38 and a custom tune with boost targets that Diggs mentioned. No point in spinning an IS38 to the moon, when it's plenty fast at 24lbs. Why risk it with a few more psi? Keep it where its happy and enjoy the car until you upgrade to a turbo that can handle those higher boost targets.