Hello and welcome. Introduce yourselves here


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Hi all, James from Fareham here.
Been a long time fan of VAG. Just returned to the UK after a few years in Belgium - slap bang into isolation. Bugger !!
Managed to buy a 5 door, Mk6 TDi, deep black with anthracite wheels the day after I arrived.
Isolation is allowing me to tinker with my car, get the house back up together and home school my daughter.
Good luck to you all.

Recently purchased a 2017 Golf R from a dealership. She was very well maintained despite having almost 60k on her. I assume the previous owner did mostly highway driving with her.


Thus far, I have managed to do several modifications including turbo inlet pipe, turbo outlet pipe, throttle pipe, K&N Airfilter, and a Neuspeed module. It has a 2 year / 24 month warranty that I am going to try my best to not void.

I have also done various lighting mods including turning down the side marker lights , turning on the 5 brake lights (with the outers being the signal only with full shut off during phase), DeAutokey replacement bulbs for the brake, tail lights, trunk (boot for the euro guys) light, and glovebox. I have the reverse lights on order.

I am very happy to own this car and to have this forum and other resources readily available.

Obdeleven has been a great help as well. I recommend them highly as it made it relatively painless to do all the mods I wanted to without much fuss.


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Geez, I forgot to create an introduction sorry guys.
I am driving 2015 VW Golf S Hatchback, which I've been modifying since the quarantine started.