Helix Sound upgrade dongle official rental thread!


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Hi Everybody,

Having an issue with my helix in my 2018 gti se. I've had the helix in two prior gti's and am very familiar with the performance. This is my first experience with the "b version" of the helix.

I've confirmed via two dealership visits that the wiring and programming is correct however, the output is about 35-50% of what it should be. The sub is extremely quiet in the mix and i cannot figure out what the heck the problem is. I have also messed with the setting on the poweramp and that did not do much other than give it a very slight increase in volume.

First off, has anybody experienced issues with the "b version?" Also, does the "b version" require a different SD card when programming with the dongle? Audio Technica (manufacturer in Germany, and completely useless) says that there is no difference.

Before i file a warranty report and ask for a new sub and poweramp to be set out i'd like to see if anybody has any ideas.

Thanks in advance guys.


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I need to rent.

1) My Helix is installed, and I can turn it around same day.

2) Is a rent-able dongle still in circulation (i.e., is this thread still working?)?