Having Car Driven In From One Dealer To Another


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Yeah, we played the one car game for a little while, it's pretty nice. We honestly rarely use the wife's car and even less so now. I kind of like the simplicity of the GTI and don't really miss having a more expensive car. I think I'll likely get a Mk8 R just to have one more go at a manual new car before that becomes tricky. But I have been giving more thought to a third car as more of a play thing, especially as the R would anchor the kid hauler role pretty well. I work 200 miles from home, but only have to do that drive once a month or so, but that does make a Caterham or similar a little impractical for that role, but it would be ideal for local roads.

Funny, just noticed you're in Chicago. We nearly moved up there a few months ago for the wife's work. We would have been right back in the single car discussion if we'd done that.

My R is on storage insurance. Hasn't been driven since November. I didn't want to buy a dedicated winter set and wont drive on summers below freezing. Got it in April and it only has 5,000 miles on it, w half of that being me driving it home from Baltimore where I bought it and a round trip visit to Kansas City.

We live 100 yards from the subway stop I take to work and its only like 20 minutes to my office if we ever go back so we could get away with 0 cars without an issue. I moved here from Austin in 2015. Made the drive straight through in my mk6 GTI. Kinda did my single mid 20's thing in Austin for a few years. Good times. Miss the coeds, brisket and the weather (current issues not withstanding).


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Yeah, I grew up spending time in London and then got one of my first jobs in Frankfurt. I love tiny cars, and I'm 6'2". I really wanted a Mini this time around, but waited too long, the F56 is a terrible car with terrible motors. The R series cars were so much better to drive.

My wife is coming to realize that smaller, lighter cars are just more fun, and that we don't need a large car for our dog or kid. We had the original X1 with the S55 six and a JB4, but it got totaled by some kids in a stolen car and we just haven't found a suitable replacement. I lobbied hard for an SQ5 last time, but she wanted the fluff that came with a loaded up Q5. I think she realized that I had the better idea pretty quickly. I wish I could get her back to cars, but she's 5'3" and likes the tall driving position. If the Polestar 2 wasn't violently ugly, it would probably work.

I'd kill for a 5/8 scale Mustang GT350. I wanted to like that car, but it's just a stupid size. That motor in a BRZ would be about perfect.
The size of some car seats really is obnoxious for smaller cars. My gti can barely fit our "compact" rear facing convertible seat, and it was the smallest one of the bunch. The s3 can't fit it at all with me driving (6'0") since the seats are thicker and shaped differently. We had a crosstrek and it was pretty good space wise, but it was too close to a q5 in size and with a car seat in the q5 and the 75lb German shepherd there was virtually no room left for a weekend trip. It's just not reasonably larger than the gti in the areas that matter. The Q7 was our sweet spot when comparing to the full size mobile homes like the navigator and to large crossover suv like the gls. In the Q7 I have to disable the easy entry system to prevent the driver's seat from pushing back into the baby seat and pinning it. There are 2 to 3" of room left, so if I was 6'6" I probably wouldn't fit comfortably. Seems ridiculous to me that they don't just make car seats more compact and advanced rather than just throwing more cushion at them every few years and requiring bigger vehicles.


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I use a Diono, it's great in either direction and I've thrown both in for carrying a friend. The Q5 is cavernous in comparison though.