GTD Engine noise - Fuel pump noise - Crankshaft leak


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GTD Mk7.5
Just like to come on and share my experience with my 2018 Golf GTD which is a bad one! There is only 50K on the clock which i feel the car hasn't broken in yet. In the last 6 months i heard a noise coming from the back seat, especially when the car knocks off at the lights there was a loud humming noise. I brought the car to the VW garage which they did a full check on the car and advised fuel pump in the tank is fault which they replaced so i was happy enough with that. On cold morning now, there is a sound coming from the engine and sometimes the engine takes a few turns to fire up. I still feel that strange as my father has a 79 Foden truck which you wouldn't be started for 4/5 months and it starts on the first turn. The warranty is due to expire from the garage so I thought it best to bring the car out for a service but last week i noticed a few black drops on the ground from where i had the car parked over night. I thought i was going mad. So brought my car out for a service. VW garage advise the crankshaft is leaking. They also found a fault in the relay for the injectors which was making the car misfire. VW build quality is 100% going down hill!