Gt badge


Passed Driver's Ed
Good morning Cashy,

looking well sir!

I think shying away from the fog covers is the right choice but the maxton front and sides look very well.

once you get the blades on they will contrast with the skirts and caps well 👍

I’ve got muddies on mine which is half the reason I stayed away from doing the side splitters. and the speed bumps are like anti tank measures around here as well ☹️

nice work though sir,you will have the mod bug now!

You doing anything to the engine?
Hi All,
I fitted a Maxton Design Front splitter & sides skirts, Mirror caps, and spoiler extenders along with the GT Badge on the front.
When all fitted it's quite subtle but still quite nice.

I'm still waiting on the side blades from the US as my seller left me down.
I've decided against the gloss black GTi style fog light cover but, if anybody wants them - PM me

Love to get your feedback and ideas to continue the MK7 Golf GT that VW never made us lol
Finally got my GT badge on the rear, I think it’s from a MK5 and it’s an OEM part matches the Golf badge perfectly.

Went with the measurements from the Golf badge on the other side.

Wanted to keep the Silver and Black look of the rest of the car or I would have went with the Polo GT badge as I think it looks well.

not sure whether to stick the bluemotion technology badge underneath it or keep it with just the 2 badges.

All constructive opinions appreciated 👍