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Golf R Wrapped


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Great money maker. $200 in materials, with an hourly labor rate more than a good lawyer.
Ya, for the money, its worth learning to do it yourself, or just using spray dip.
Some times I fee bad actually spending the time and effort prepping my bug for proper paint instead of just pissing on it and calling it patina.


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Evans, CO
Be prepared. A full car wrap is going to run you 3-4 grand. I looked into it when I bought mine.
And a proper repaint is 8-10 :)

Ya, for the money, its worth learning to do it yourself, or just using spray dip.
Doing a proper wrap correctly is very skillful, it's not just slapping some material on and calling it done. Spray dip.......well........if you just need it to look good from 100 yards away. lol

As for the multi color designs and decals, looks good on a platform at the car show or on the track.......but when you walk out to the car in the Best Buy parking lot you're going to hear a lot of laughing. Ultimately only one person has to like your car and it's you, but I wouldn't do it.


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I agree, it is very skillful and takes a lot of time. I've wrapped my car twice and can do it perfectly now with all the bumpers, trim, door handles etc, removed. I can see why it costs 3k to do. Learning to do it yourself will take countless hours and wasted material. I was lucky to have the time to waste.

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Satin single colour is where it's at in my opinion. Flat colours just look like an unfinished primer. Patterns and various ricer shit belongs on civics from 20yrs ago. Not on a premium hot hatch.