Golf R vs. GTI seats


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I am ordering new leather upholstery for my 2019 Golf R. However, the site I am using only has either the Standard Golf 2019 or the GTI 2019 models available to order from.

Are the 2019 GTI seats the same size/shape as the 2019 Golf R for the purpose of reupholstery?


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Bay Area, CA
I have 7.5 R front and rear seats swapped into my 2017 mk7 Golf 1.8 hatch- long story but essentially my buddy had acquired the R seats from a 7.5 that was another buddy’s R that was undergoing an RS3 swap. I was supposed to get the GTI seats, and the GTI was getting the R seats. Because mine was a late 2017 mk7 and the R was an early 2017 mk7.5, the connectors on the driver seat didnt match up from R to GTI but did on my car. I ended up with the R driver seat and GTI pass/rear seats for a short time. I had the mk7.5 R driver seat directly next to the mk7 GTI pass seat and can confirm the only differences between the two are the actual upholstery (R Dr seat is also full power), but the mk7.5 R seat has “real” leather vs the faux leather on GTI. The shape is identical and the seat skins are completely interchangeable from my knowledge. The only real difference from the 7 and 7.5 R that I can see are that the 7.5 center upholstery is perforated leather vs. non perforated.

There are also some models of Alltrack that were equipped with the higher bolstered GTI/R style seats but have only seen those with the brown leather. Hope that helps.