Golf R, used or new?


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Hi all, new to the forum world.
Just wanted some help from you guys, I Never really had a Volkswagen except from my current car which is a Audi A3 Tdi 2012

I was thinking of buying the Golf R very soon, but stuck in a dilemma.
Should I buy a used Golf R? - my target is to go for the 2016-2018 model DSG upto 30k-40k miles on the clock and keeping it for around 3 years
The R being the mileage it is, what should I look out for maintenance wise, around that mileage would there be any replacements or leaks or problems or any issues that’ll occur or even the necessary things to that are required to change by certain miles

I’ve had my fair share of issues with my Audi and would really need a golf r that’s reliable giving me no issues that’ll cost me a fortune.

What would be your opinion on buying a used Golf R for that mileage? Or should I play it safe and buy a brand new one?

Thanks everyone :)


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When you buy used, you take the chance that the car was abused and modded by the previous owner, and then returned to stock before being sold. With a new car, you get warranty coverage, plus you know exactly how it will be driven and maintained. If you can afford new, that's what I would do.

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My car is right in your buy-zone. 2017, 40k+ miles, DSG. It also has APR Stage 1 and minor chassis changes (camber plates & rear sway). I put on about 8-10 track days per year and do some winter autocross. So the car definitely has not had an easy life. The car has been bulletproof. It is not for sale but considering this 1 data point history I would not hesitate to buy used as long as there are detailed maintenance records and clear carfax.

I think you may be able to find lower mileage examples, and you would have the warranty transfer for some security. As MyGolfMk7 said, 15K buys an awful lot of maintenance.


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There are many variables to consider when purchasing a used vehicle over new. If considering used I would take the vehicle into a VW dealership or provide the VIN (if sold by private party or not a VW dealership) and see if any part of the remaining warranty is voided due to modifications. Since the Golf R is popular to modify with various ECU tunes that is also a consideration. I think it goes without saying but cost of the used compare to the price of new Golf R and fresh warranty comes into play for me. My wife has a two door 2012 GTI Autobahn that we purchased new and she loves driving. We were considering a new 2019 Golf R back in August and I was getting discounts at several dealers ranging from 2.5k and one dealer offered 3k off of sticker in SoCal.

Personally I would purchase a new Golf R over a used. Currently in my area a used CPO 2017 Golf R with 32k miles is offered at 31.8k and the lowest priced is a 2016 Golf R with 51k miles and offered at 27k.


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I picked up my R used 26000kms on it year old still got all the warrenty and everything plus sold me some extended warranty to boot.

My opinion is always used, just slightly, and never modified unless I knew who did the work. I saved almost 20000 buying it a year old and shes mint. New is nice but you pay for it



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I have always bought lightly used cars (both GTIs though, not an R) and have had great luck with them. The MKV had more issues, but I had no problem with VW's powertrain warranty covering them (a couple of new dual-mass flywheels and a long block). My MK7 is the same. Anything that has come up has been covered under either bumper-to-bumper or powertrain warranty.

I do recommend @egrunt recommendation though and get the VIN looked at by a dealer to see if there are any outstanding recalls or if the car has been flagged for TD1.

As for maintenance in your used mileage range, DSG service is due at 40k miles (don't miss this one) and haldex looks to be at 30k (though this is just based on a quick Google since I've never had a haldex haha).


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I picked up my R in January with 17k on the clock. I started stock, but now have a few mods and a stage 2 tune on it. Zero issues. But if you're looking for a DSG I'd push you to the 18 for the simple fact of the revised 7speed DSG. I have a manual and *sometimes* wish I could go with a 7 speed DSG. It really is that good. (This is coming from someone who's always owned a manual transmission car)


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Purchased my 16 R slightly used at 14k KMs as a CPO while trading in my stage 2 15 GTI.

I got to know the owner (60 yr old bloke who buys/trades cars every year at that same dealership group) and ended up buying the maxed out extended warranty since my wife and I bought it shortly after we got married and plan to keep it for a long time!


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As someone who has been in both positions (purchased a '16 new, and later a '16 used), if you're trying to be financially conscientious, used is the obvious choice. Realistically, a '16 or '17 with miles in the range you've stated should be around $30-$31k. ~$10k is a big chunk of depreciation you won't have to swallow, for what is essentially the same car but lightly used. I'd also say you should really hold out for a clean example with a good history, if waiting a little for 'the one' isn't in conflict with your goals.

As echoed in the comments here, this can be a very reliable platform, so with a good maintenance history and passing the eye test that it's been taken care of, there shouldn't be much cause for concern. When I bought my '16 R DSG with 30k miles, I performed the haldex service, and shortly after that the DSG service. Other than those two items, you pretty much just need to perform the regular oil/filter services.

Good luck!


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If you are going to keep the vehicle only for 3 years i would consider a used MY18. It will bring in People's warranty until you own the vehicle and mid cycle upgrade as well.

Other than the service history, you might have to made sure that the vehicle was not TD1 flagged within VW's system. This generation is pretty reliable and doesnt have any major issues.


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I can’t handle the immediate depreciation on buying a new car, so I’m 100% in the used camp.
Located a '16 with 29k on the clock in Chicago area owned by a 60 yr old couple that bought it CPO @ 7k out of TX. The husband was an enthusiast previously owning a Mk4 R32. He took meticulous care of the car. Had a few convos and felt confident enough to book a flight from Denver to buy it sight unseen (did have a pre-purchase done on it prior though). Came with a winter wheelset w X-ices that looked like they had never been mounted. Only mod done was a Unibrace XBQ.
The good, well taken care of examples are out there. Just might need to spend some time waiting for one to come along..


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2018 Golf R
I went used. Saved about $4k from current market prices on new one. Bought a CPO 2018 R with 6100 miles in July. The car is immaculate and has a VW warranty up to 6 years or 84k miles.


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2018 R
I went used. Saved about $4k from current market prices on new one. Bought a CPO 2018 R with 6100 miles in July. The car is immaculate and has a VW warranty up to 6 years or 84k miles.
Pretty much the same here. Found a used one with 6.4k miles. I think it was an older guy that owned it before me. I went with low miles instead of higher miles and a cheaper price. I probably don't do more than about 6k miles a year so in 6 years when I'm ready for a new car I'll only have about 45k miles on it. That should help resale at least a little and right now I still feel like I got a brand new car.