Golf R OEM spring rate and length + rear motion ratio?


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Yeah, there are a few design revisions - longer front springs, revised rear adjuster design, etc.. If you want to lower the car significantly, it's NOT a good kit for that, and their marketing did a bad job of reflecting that. Since I want a minimal drop from stock ride height, it's a decent option, although I'm hopeful they'll share spring rates (they might not). I like the helper spring in the rear as a way to run higher spring rates without destroying DD ride quality. It will also give me the ability to drop in hypercoil or swift springs to play with spring rates, which is a big benefit (although annoying to do on the front).

As for the garage, it already has a high ceiling and a high lift garage door.... but sadly no lift. The question is do I get a project/weekend car before the lift, or a lift first? I gotta lean towards the car... and for what we're spending on thehouse, that's DEFINITELY at least a few years off right now!
You'd have to go pretty stiff in the back destroy ride quality, IMHO. The helper spring is nice because it will give you more droop travel over bumps even with a stiffer spring. If you can find it used, sounds like a good in-between stiffer spring and full coil.