GOLF GTD 2017 Intermittent non start fault


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Hi All,

I have a 2017 GOLF GTD that I've owned for around a year now.

Recently (Last couple of months) I have been having an issue where the car will just not start when I get in after say a day of not driving it.

The issues I face are I get in the car put put the key in the ignition and turn the key to turn on the electrics. The car will then proceed to tell me every system is unavailable (ESC, Parking Sensors, TC, Collision Avoidance ect..) and if I then try and turn the key to start the engine nothing happens. I then have to wait a couple of minutes to then try again and the car will eventually start as normal.

I stuck a battery tester on the battery which came back as needing a replacement to which I have done but I am still getting the same issues described above.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and if so what was done to remediate it?

Any and all advice would be appreciated.



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Did you clear the BCM of fault codes & recode it to tell it a new battery has been installed??

As you are UK your car will have "Eco stop/start" auto engine shut-off, & therefore battery monitoring...

VCDS coding required from my thread here:-


VCDS coding required
From the Main screen:-
Select Control Module [Select]
[19-CAN Gateway]
Advanced Functions screen:-
New value choice screen:-
Change the following four channels, inputting the relevant data about the new battery.
IDE03256-MAS06105-Battery adaptation-Rated battery capacity
IDE03256-MAS06106-Battery adaptation-Battery technology
IDE03256-MAS06107-Battery adaptation-Battery manufacturer
IDE03256-MAS06108-Battery adaptation-Battery Serial Number

When you click on "Battery technology" (using VCDS 21.3.0) a drop down list appears with the following options (= actual meaning):-
Wet = Standard Lead Acid
Fleece = Standard A.G.M.
Gel = Standard Gel Lead Acid
Lithium ions = Standard LiFePO4
EFB = Standard E.F.B.
Binary - AGM = "Bipolar" A.G.M. type
EFB+ = E.F.B. "Plus" type

According to various sources of information, including numerous car scans & threads on Ross-Tech, "Fleece" is for standard AGM batteries, "EFB" is for standard EFB batteries, & "Wet" is for standard lead acid batteries, as these settings are used at the factory. The setting of "Binary - AGM" is apparently for specialist "Bipolar AGM" batteries! Also the drop down list is from VCDS & not generated by your car's BCM, therefore, your car may not support all the options on the list, & the BCM will reject the value when you tell it to accept it!

Battery BEM codes are now redundant with the above separate channels. The most important channels are:- Rated battery capacity, Battery technology, & Battery Serial Number. For the Battery Serial Number, just change one digit of the old one. This channel tells the BCM that a new battery has been installed & to relearn the new battery & forget any “learnt values” for the old battery!