Getting older. Maybe towing soon. Atlanta roads suck. Considering going back to stock-ish.


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Hey all,

I've been reading a ton of threads lately and it's just getting overwhelming at this point. So, I figured I'd muddy the waters more and just make my own.

Currently on EMD springs and stock shocks and struts. Have been on this for about the past 45k. Stock units are definitely on their way out and need replaced, but with my plans of pulling a small, 5x7' or 5x8' trailer soon to get back into some motocross, I figured it might not be bad to add a little ride height. Race track driveways aren't known to be the smoothest dirt roads out there.

Thinking I'd like to go with something Bilstein for shocks and struts and possibly either DriverGear or H&R OE springs. Bilstein offerings in that range seem to be B4 or B6 (no DCC here to worry about). I do have my stock springs, but I'd rather not go back to a full 4x4 stance, so a mild sub-1" drop is preferred. No track use. Rarely drive sporty anymore, so Pothole City, USA compliance would be preferred.

Any input is greatly appreciated.