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Hi Guys

I have not read all the posts on the page and I am sure this might have already been answered. I want to however direct my questions more to SA and the models etc that was released here.

If you don't mind me asking please:

- How does the Turbo cooling work when the engine is constantly being switched on and off in start/stop mode? Am I an idiot for letting the turbo cool down before I lay the beast to rest?

- How do you know exactly which features you have with your car (I bought mine secondhand), i.t.o. infotainment etc? I downloaded the latest SATNAV, ripped out my camera's SD card, deleted all my selfies to make space for the software, only to discover my "Infotainment Box" does not even have a SD Slot-2. Saying this, am I correct if I assume mine does not have this feature?

Thank you for your time.


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Start / Stop and lubrication turbo. There is a secondary electric oil pump taking care of the circulation after the engine is turned off (goes into active mode then). That goes for S/S as well as when you turn of the car end leave it.

Therefore you shouldn’t measure the oil level with the dip stick before the circulation stops, goes on for a couple of minutes. You can hear it. It will make about 3 mm difference on the dip stick.

/Peter - Not from SA but from up north were the snow is expected next month :).