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Garden State Euros started as a New Jersey based Volkswagen club but soon evolved into a full European car club complete with Audi, BMW, FIAT, Mercedes Benz, Mini Cooper, Porsche, Volkswagen and exotic cars from all over the Northeast. Based on the overwhelming response at our weekly meets and at our annual Spring Opener and DubRun events, we felt the need to expand the club on a state level to encompass all European cars and owners in the United States.

The original Tri-Dubbin’ club name, apparel and swag will continue to serve as the Volkswagen sub-group within Garden State Euros. We don’t want to forget where we came from and how the club originally started.

FB Main Group Page:
FB Classifieds Group Page:
FB Motorsport Group Page:
FB Ladies Page:
Instagram: GardenStateEuros
Twitter: @GSEuros

CLUB PHOTOS & VIDEOS"]-Enjoy our ongoing club photo album courtesy of M.Spad Photography-

We’re excited to see the overwhelming growth on our Facebook group page and overall interest in our European car club. We want to clarify some club policies, explain how we determine club members vs. club prospects and provide some general updates about the club. When someone is added to our Facebook group pages they are not automatically considered “club members”, they are considered club prospects. These Facebook group pages were setup for current club members and new club prospects (aka non-members) to form a European car community. These pages are used for troubleshooting, recommendations, networking, discussing our events and to make people aware of our strict, zero tolerance conduct rules at our weekly meets. Over time Facebook club prospects may be invited to become club members after fulfilling some of the requirements below.

-Club prospects should pay the optional yearly club dues to invest in the club (websites, event insurance, supplies, advertising, etc.)
-Club prospects should attend our weekly meets if possible and events throughout the year and follow conduct rules
-Club prospects should get to know the club organizers and offer to assist in future event planning
-Club prospects should participate on the FB page by posting an intro of themselves (car and background) and stay active by helping others

The $25 annual club dues are designed to benefit the club and provide enhanced benefits to the supporter. Participants who pay dues will receive a club sticker, lanyard, and hang tag at the weekly meets (or through mail if you can’t attend). They will also receive an email with access to negotiated sponsor discounts and other benefits listed below. Please PayPal $25 to using the “sending money to family or friends” option.

-Member would receive a club sticker and keychain lanyard at our weekly meet
-Member would receive a “member” hang tag to display at our weekly meets and events
-Member would gain access to negotiated sponsor discounts on products and services (sponsors will have a list of club members)
-Member would gain access to our club owned VAG-COM cable & Netbook (Ross-Tech VCDS Diagnostic Software available at our weekly meets)
-Member would be added to lists for discounted entry to other events (ie Waterfest, etc.)
-Member would be added to our roster and club website (coming soon)

Garden State Euros runs a weekly meet at the Lowes of Butler, NJ on an invite only basis. This is a highly organized weekly meet with zero tolerance conduct rules. If you are interested in attending, please either send us a PM (HYDE16), an email ( or request to join our Garden State Euros Facebook Group Page. Random attendees will be asked to leave as they are not a part of the club. The club organizers are the only people who have the approval from Lowes, the town of Butler and the police department to use the Lowes parking lot for our weekly meets (otherwise loitering and the police will shut down the meets). The club organizers allow all current club members and invite all club prospects (Facebook participants) to attend our weekly meets provided they follow our strict, zero tolerance conduct rules found under the info section of our Facebook group page and below. The club organizers and club members can ask any club prospects to leave if they do not respect our conduct rules. The club organizers and club members can ask outside attendees (non-euros & non-prospects) as they are not a part of our European car club. Some “sponsored” outside attendees have approval to attend our weekly car meets based on their long standing history with the club (ie sold European car for non-European car / club member vouched for non-European car owner to attend our weekly meets). Parking should be at the back wall of the parking lot and attendees should enter along the side aisles of the parking lot, NOT across the front entrance of Lowes where there is customer traffic.

There has been a lot of support and some questions about our future use of rear view mirror Hang Tags at the weekly meets. Hang Tags will be provided over 2013 at the weekly meets to all current club members and invite all club prospects (Facebook participants) to designate club members and club prospects. The goal is to segregate who has been vetted through our Facebook approval process and who has also been asked to respect our conduct rules. We plan on rounding up anyone that does not have a Hang Tag to either ask them to leave (if they are non-Euro AND are not following the conduct rules) or we will ask them to join the FB page so they understand how we run our weekly meets. Lowes has also requested this level of organization to continue holding our weekly meets. New attendees are welcome and can earn a hang tag if they display good conduct over 2013, so we are not discouraging newcomers from attending. Our weekly meets are held on Wednesday nights from 6pm-10:00pm at the Lowes of Butler, NJ (1210 Route 23N, Butler, NJ). This information is going out to everyone on our Facebook group page so the target is 0 incidents from here on out, otherwise attendees will be asked to leave.

Respectful behavior to Lowes, their customers and fellow club members is expected at every meet. Cars revving engines or left running, blasting stereos or driving around excessively or over 5MPH will be asked to leave. Anyone caught doing burnouts, donuts, drifting or racing will be reported to the police. The police and club members (sometimes off-duty officers) have a ZERO tolerance rule for anyone not following the rules our club agreed too. If you're on our GSE Facebook group page then you have been asked to read our conduct rules under our info section. Parking should be at the back wall of the parking lot and attendees should enter along the side aisles of the parking lot, NOT across the front entrance of Lowes where there is customer traffic.
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Passed Driver's Ed
Garden State Euros – Magazine and Online Club Coverage

Mark your calendars! Our “season closer” will be our 3rd annual DubRun event on Saturday, October 5th at the Barley Creek Brewery in Tannersville, PA. This event starts with a cruise from Northern, NJ through PA ending at the brewery for a full one day car show. More details to come as we get closer to the event. For more information please see the attached event flyer and our 2012 EuroTuner magazine article: North East's Last Show of 2012 - DubRun by Garden State Euros / DubRun DVD Teaser

Our new Motorsport Division page is now up and running thanks to Chris Yeung. Our focus is to find affordable events each year to attend instructor led High Performance Driving Events (HPDE) or Autocross events for any experience level. We are also sourcing new custom car badges, stickers and clothing for this Motorsport Division. Please email us back if you’re interested in receiving our next GSEMD email for upcoming events. For more information please see the attached event flyer. Please join our brand new GSEMD Facebook group page:

Our new Ladies page is now up and running thanks to Shauna Goller. For now, this group page is for the female enthusiasts only until the page is built up. So guys, don’t go requesting to join just yet as you’ll get denied. Ladies, please join our brand new GSEL Facebook group page:

We have created a separate classifieds page (“for sale / want to buy / for trade” ) in order to keep our main page organized for events, announcements, tech support, recommendations and general info. Any future for sale/want/trade made on the main GSE FB page will be deleted. Please join our GSEC Facebook group page:

We have grown exponentially on Instagram thanks to Jeff Saal and Ryan Olsommer. Start following us to see some great pictures!
Instagram: GardenStateEuros
Twitter: @GSEuros

We offer club updates and event reminders through our club SMS text message service (no charge to you). If interested, please request to join our Facebook group page or email us at with your name and cell phone number so we can add you to this service. If you already provided your cell phone number through Facebook, there’s no need to respond again.

We are working with an outside business to centralize all club memorabilia and to provide our club with an official online store. Over 2013 we plan to have GSE/GSEMD/GSEL custom car badges, clothing, stickers, lanyards, etc. We currently have GSE custom car badges from GoBadges which mount to your car with a magnetic backing or within the available license plate frames and front grill brackets. Please visit for more info and mounting options. Enter coupon code “GSE” when ordering for your 10% club discount code = $13 shipped! For general GSE stickers, we will have some for sale at our weekly meets.

Advertisement is vital to growing our club. Whether we post in the Tri-State section of the forums, PM Tri-State area forum members, add the link for this thread to our signatures, pass out our club flyers (see download link below) to people or leave them on cars, it all helps to generate new members. The more members we have, the more contacts we have for our club knowledge base, business leads, ideas, events and possible sponsors. In order to help our club grow, please participate in any of the following ways:

1) Put this thread link in your signature; below is the coding. Just paste the link to this thread within the quotes then remove the dash ( - ) within the and section of the coding.

[-URL="enter link to this thread here"]Garden State Euros – European Car Club[/URL-]

2) Download and print the latest Garden State Euros club advertisement flyers to keep in your car and hand out to other European cars.
-Garden State Euros Advertisement Flyer-

3) Place our Garden State Euros club stickers on your car (available for sale at our weekly meets)

4) Post this thread link in any other event threads in our area

5) PM this thread link to anyone you notice is in a location near our meet

For the Audi, BMW, Fiat, Mercedes Benz, Mini Cooper, Porsche, VW and other forums, Google search: -Garden State Euros or Tri-Dubbin’-

Please see our DubRun 2012 coverage in the January 2013 Issue of EuroTuner

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