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Sorta not car related but added a gym in the garage. Still have to a ton of things to do (paint, insulation, roof, lights ,better heat source) but its going along. Garage is 700sqft. Still fits 2 cars and my work bench and 4 shelfs


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I recently built a garage (picture in my previous post) and really focused on the health of the build/garage. I installed a couple small, powerful exhaust fans that circulate the air so well...and they are super quiet. Awesome for removing humidity.

I also went with radiant heat. This setup has been really good and it makes panting/plastidipping etc. so much better.


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No one has any updates?

We had a pipe burst, so the vast majority of our first floor contents are in the garage, covered in dust :(

Add to that the logistics of having a dumpster in the driveway and shuffling cars around, complicated by the spousal unit not being able to drive manual.


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Recap: did a lot of updates (at least what I consider a lot, since i'm doing it myself ect). This is with the help of my Dad. I learned a lot (did a few outlets, hung all the wire

1. Redid all of the electrical (added 4 outlets and a light. Rerouted all existing electrical so all lights are on 1 breaker, outlets on 1, dedicated 20 on one. 1 open breaker for future, redid the light switches)
2. Added 1LED light bulb thing, 4 amazon shop lights
3. Added Amazon Curtain/Rod over window
4. Added 30k BTU Propane radiant ventless heater (amazon)
5. Rearranged gym/ removed 1 storage shelf/ added another smaller storage shelf
6. Bought a cool speaker off amazon, its pretty good for 50$
7. Added some cheap insulation to the garage door

1. spring time mortar any cracks/ prime walls/ paint walls,
2. Add ceiling/ insulation
3. New concrete but very expensive :/

This is 1 year ago roughly when we moved in (random spliced 3 light bulbs for light, random sh*t on walls, the light at the peak was on its own breaker lol):

This is now:


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^this is my garage here... I just finished paying off my car WOOT WOOT! So I am currently saving for the floor to be refinished and coated, for the walls to be taped/mudded/painted, and for the ceiling to be painted black. I am guessing it will cost up to $6000 Canadian. My hope is to have the money saved and the contractor ready for spring of 2022. (fingers crossed)
yeah i quickly learned how important a perfectly level floor is with workout equipment lol. Wish I still had my bike :/ I'll be getting another and a quad probably sooner or later