FS: JB4 For S3 GTI Golf R - $275 firm Shipped - NC Charlotte area


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Selling a JB4 unit off of my now sold S3. This is completely functional and in great condition (no broken clips ect..). This completely transforms the car and is an absolute must own for any owner of VW/Audi products. I loved it so much I promptly ordered one for my new car (S5) and could not be happier.

The unit is currently set at MAP 4 (the fun map!). I put 25k miles on my s3 using map4 and 93 octance with zero issues. The unit does NOT have a data cable or Bluetooth adapter. If you wish to change the map from map 4 to any other map you will have to purchase one of these two items. You could also very well just leave it on map 4 and enjoy the smiles per mile gain without any additional purchases.

Pricing it low because I just want to sell quick and move on.