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FS: Cobb Ap for Mk7 GTI


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I have a barely used Cobb AP for a MK7 GTI. Purchased from MAP, has the 91 and 93 octane MAP tunes on it as well as the Cobb base stuff. Its been unmarried and it ready to ship. Comes with original box, cable, unused mount and whatever else came with it (double sided tape, paperwork etc). It does NOT have the DSG part active. Asking $495 shipped to your door.

I have purchased and sold quite a few items under my previous account - Pricej636 for reference. I can't post on that account because its awaiting email activation and nobody will assist me, so I had to start a new one. Ive also sold quite a bit on eBay with 100% positive feedback-

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The MAP tune will only work for the same year car as the one you ordered for it. I bought a used Cobb for my 2017, and it had MAP tunes for a 2016; but they would not load to my car.

A new owner can upload the most recently updated OTS Cobb tunes though. Hope this helps. :)