For those who have used snow chains or wires


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Hey folks,
I was planning on doing a road trip that would be about 1200-1500 mile each way. I currently have snow tires on and love them however the area I am traveling to is a warmer climate. This isn’t ideal for snow tires due to degraded handling and faster wear and tear. I was thinking of switching to my stock all seasons and get some chains as back up from Walmart. Since I’m in Colorado, I will have to cross the Rockies In the middle of winter where the weather can be extremely random. So my question is, does anyone have experience with the following? If so what are your thoughts and recommendation?

1) driving with winters tires in warmer weather, is the handling that bad? We’re talking 70-90F. How fast is the wear and tear on it at those temps?
2) has anyone have experience using chains or wires? Any limitations I should know before hand before purchasing? Do you recommend it?


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My vote would be to keep your winter tires on, especially with heading over the Rockies. They will wear a degree faster and may get a bit "greasy" in hot temperatures, but if you're willing to take it easy at your destination I think they're your best bet for safety in getting there. You won't suddenly wear them out in a couple thousand miles unless you're really pushing them hard in the corners. Around here (Cleveland, Ohio), I've noticed many police departments run winter tires year-round; the extra wear clearly doesn't exceed the cost of getting separate tires for them.

Now, if you're really wanting to do canyon carving at your destination, drop the back seat, load up your all-seasons and swap 'em when you get there and again before heading home. You may have to limit yourself to one change of underwear, but priorities, man. 😆


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Yep I’ve run winters right into July here we’re it gets like 25-30degC and they certainly did not wear out completely, it’s not ideal but it’s not awful really

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Tires are cheaper than scarring your wheels and a chain or wire through a fenderwell of fender.

Speed can't THAT much to you to risk your car or life.