First time Mk7 owner. Sound/noise questions


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Hi all. (as suggested this is a repost from the main part of the forum) Recently moved my long serving 1.9 diesel golf plus on and got myself a Mk7 1.6tdi estate, 47k miles on the clock. Generally happy with the car despite the usual second hand car dinks and scratches.
There are a couple of sounds that the car makes which I can live with, however the possible cause of them bothers me.
The first is a sort of resonance that the car makes when underway at motorway / highway driving speeds. From around 55 to 60mph and then from around 68 to 70mph the car makes a more pronounced buzz or resonance that will stop if the speed falls outside of these speed ranges. The sound stops when applying the clutch and travelling at these speeds and seems mid / rear car rather than engine bay. Its quite an annoying sound if driving long range without the radio on. At first I thought that it may be par for the course in a smaller engined 1.6 than the 1.9 I'm used to. It does remind me of exhaust resonance, but I'm also thinking gearbox, turbo?
I'm skeptical of wheel balance issues or wheel bearings as as mentioned the sounds stops with clutch pressed down. The car computer does not flag any issues up.

The second sound is a fairly loud electrical motor sounding, high pitched buzz from around the back axle which can be heard at low speed or when parked in neutral. (Something like the sound of the early power steering motors which used to buzz in a similar way). When turning the car off, the sound persists for a second or so after all other engine noise has ceased. It does seem to me that the buzz is coming from the region of the fuel tank near the rear axle. Could this be the fuel transfer pump, or again an exhaust gas type sound?

The car is still in the 3 month warranty period from the garage where it was purchased. The garage however is a long way off and I may have to put it in to a more local one at my expense to get a diagnosis first.

I know these sound issues are a hard one, and I'm not expecting a certain cause, but perhaps if any other owners have had any similar experiences, and could attest as to whether these noises are characteristic of the car, or if they might be caused by any likely candidates, then this may help me when approaching the garage for any evaluation.

As a postscript, I will try and capture the noises tomorrow and post them here.

Thanks for any ideas.


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Your second sound is either the electric parking brake motors activating..or the fuel pump..