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Feeler: Anyone in RI able to help with a lowering spring install?


Go Kart Newbie
Rhode Island
Nothing is bought yet and don't have a timeframe, just trying to feel things out. I'm thinking about putting a set of lowering springs on my GTI, but really don't want to have to pay a shop $500 to put a $250 set of springs on my car (and then an alignment after). Plus, I'd rather be able to help someone who knows how to do it and learn, instead of just dropping it off somewhere for a day.

Wouldn't be looking for just charity work, I'd have no problem tossing someone $100 or whatever for an afternoon of their time to work with me. I have a single car garage to work in, most of the basic tools, and can do most routine maintenance myself (brake pads\rotors, plugs, oil\DSG fluid changes, etc...), but I think a spring install might be a bit above my skills to do myself.