Fapping... Easier for girlz, or boyz?


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Ski house. VT. 10 people. Everyone was chilling out except my boy and his girl. When they were "done" she stood up on the bed with one leg on each side of him. He thought it was a good move to snake his way between her legs to get off the bed. Cream pie dripped on his head. He had no idea and joined the rest of the partay. Yeah. Wow.

Edit: I truly am sorry if that made anyone throw up in their mouth a little bit... And it's kinda off topic becausenofapping but it was a mess. To keep this post true to thread, I busted myself in the chin before... good times.

I LoLed...even while eating.

WOW... I just blurted out big time in front of the fam... can't tell my wife why tho, HAHAHA...


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That was my first thought. Then I saw Dubessa post and saw his 5 in a row. Lol. This shit's too funny.

Worst 'overshoot' I have had is not distance but amount. That miscalculation resulted in washing of the sheets the day after I washed the sheets.

LOLOLOLOLOL I love this thread. Turns out we're all horny fucks.

I don't "overshoot" but I've had to throw out panties before.. that's the extent of it though. As I said, as a girl I'm lucky