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Exhaust without DSG Farts


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Correct me if i'm wrong but the DSG farts seem to only happen in Sport/Race mode? If you're driving in Normal mode I don't hear the DSG farts.

As far as aftermarket exhaust I highly recommended to check out Remus. I wanted a resonated mid pipe but they just sold out of those in the USA so I went Remus catback (no resonator), and also an IE Downpipe. IE Downpipe is cast so helps with the tone too. I was afraid it was gonna be too loud with no resonator but the sound is PERFECT to me. You have to get the AWE remote though or the exhaust will get loud even in Normal since the vales open/close depending on rpm. But with the AWE Remote you can keep them 100% closed or open and when it's closed the un-resonated Remus catback to IE Downpipe is much quieter than I expected which is great. With the valves open it really roars.

I shot a quick video going in-depth with all the exhaust sounds/modes of this set up. Definitely check it out if you're looking for an exhaust set up that is not super loud, and remember I don't even have a resonator....add that and I would imagine valves closed would be slightly louder than stock honestly. Just made this YouTube channel to post it so if this interests you feel free to subscribe :) Enjoy it!



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The "fart" is caused by the throttle plate remaining open during shifts. The stock exhaust muffles the sound to a degree. Any reduction in the restriction of the exhaust to going to cause the "fart" to be more audible.

The pop and bang or overrun shown above from a very small amount of extra fuel and exhaust valve timing being pulled.

2 different phenomena...
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Picking up a new 2019 R and going to be modding right away, but really hate the DSG farts most exhausts on youtube seem to present. Is there anyway to avoid that all together with any cat backs out there? The stock exhaust is too quiet, but it seems like most aftermarkets are too loud, any middle ground?

Thanks everyone :) Appreciate taking your time to read!
Could do the resonator delete I did that on my 19 GOLF R is just loud enough for me. But keep in mind once you put a downpipe on it it will get louder.