Ever work in the restaurant biz? Get a load of this!


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Oh man I watched this episode and I really hope that they were actors or were acting for the cameras. If not they are true scum fuckin douche bag asshole cunts. Who the fuck do they think they are? That ugly fuckin plastic surgery bitch thinks shes hot shit to. All these housewives and dumb bitches get all this work done to their faces and think they look younger and sexier but in reality it makes them disgusting looking and everybody is laughing at the way they look. God that episode pissed me off so much I couldn't watch it anymore and changed the channel. My guinea blood was boiling over just listening to these pricks.


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Yeah, watched that episode last night on Hulu.

Yikes. That's the first time Ramsey has ever walked out 100% on a restaurant.

Totally delusional and irrational people.


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LMFAO! These people are doomed to fail. I caught that after 30 seconds of watching it.

I used to manage at a restaurant, you NEVER turn away business or let people leave unhappy.

The more I watch, the more I laugh. Seriously, one person inputting orders?!?


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Rachel Starr? This pic looks liker her :laugh:

Can't see youtube vids at work



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There is a huge reddit thread about this. Apparently these folks had a meltdown on Facebook.


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Remember what I said about people hiding behind religion?... If I say god it's ok to be a horrible person...

Lol, clearly religion turned this dumb bitch into a delusional narcissistic bipolar cunt:laugh:

Do not let your wives/gf's/daughters go to church...

Edit: this thread isn't about that, but yes, absolutely disgraceful on her part to be such a hypocrite. The thing that pissed me off the most was the tip stealing.

I would NOT ever tip a restaurant owner. If I found out that my tip went to that ex-mafia douche instead of the poor cute little college girl I'd press charges. No joke.
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You know there are plenty of people like this in the world. They're usually in institutions or on the streets though. Wonder how these people get through the cracks?

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I've seen a lot of people not willing to change, but this takes the cake. Soulmates possibly, right for running a business definitely not (at least at this point).

Marriage after 5 months - That's way too fast. It takes me more than 5 months to learn things about myself let alone another human being with an ever changing life

Marrying a Playboy from Vegas who is a self-proclaimed gangster (6:45 part 2)... I don't know if anything more needs to be said.

A woman who clearly in her mind has issues with criticism and a husband who is afraid to speak his mind to the one person that needs to hear it.

People so alike in their stubborness that it magnifies exponentially is a recipe for disaster.

I've seen Gordon tackle some truly awful kitchens but this really does take the cake. His approach to not helping because they can't even bother to help themselves is the best thing. This company going under may be what they need, or they will fight it and say that it was everyone else that caused it.

This video really makes me realize how the world (and a lot of America since I live here and can't see other parts of the world) refuses to take responsibility for the things that they do. It makes me sad to know that so many people who want to do things and have the capacity because they try and are willing to change can't do anything because of lack of funding yet people like this can because they have money available yet are the furthest thing from capable in a humanistic sense. Running a business isn't about just making money, it's about building relationships and interacting with people as people and not barn yard animals.

I hope that these people figure it out and are able to change their ways.