Endless Racing ME20 (CC40) Rear Brake Pads (MQB with EPB, EIP251)


Drag Racing Champion
Ontario, Canadeh
Track/circuit pads but still street friendly with very little noise and good rotor wear characteristics.

13-14mm left from original thickness of 16.5mm (~85%, or approximately 9mm left on the pads, backing plate thickness = 5mm)

$200USD obo shipped CONUS, local pickup in CAD in Toronto possible.

Fits the following cars:

-MK7/7.5 Golf R/GTI with 310mm vented EPB
-8V S3
-KH Cupra Ateca
-others etc...

Copy pasta from Endless:

"ME20 is a semi-metallic compound developed for racing and rally. It is a step up initial bite and is more “straight-forward” with regards to brake power. Originally developed for BTCC Super Touring cars where you have high traction afforded by suspension set-up and tire compounds. The pedal feel and brake power is excellent and equal across the speed range with an easy modulation in all instances. With ME20 it is possible to perform very hard and late braking into corners. As with the friction and bite the ME20 is a step up in heat resistance compared to the ME22 and it has shown a very good stable brake performance at high disc temperatures over 650 °C. The wear characteristics of both pads and discs are low, and for cold weather and wet conditions it retains the same excellent resistance to water fade.


Friction: 0,35-0,40μ

Heat levels: 150-800°C"



Drag Racing Champion
Ontario, Canadeh
Were you using ME20 in front as well? Were you swapping them with MX72 or something for street use?

I had ME22's in the front, I wanted to shift some brake bias to the rear to tame some of the diving.

Had MX72's all round before, but kept the ME22/20's on all the time. Barely any noise imo.