Eibach Sportline Springs/Koni Yellow Sport Dampers


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So I just had Eibach Sportline Springs, Eibach 25mm rear sway, and Koni Yellow Sport Shocks/struts installed on my 2dr mk7 Gti yesterday. I’ll give my thoughts on all 3 and what my first impressions were yesterday as well as today after I made adjustments on the front shocks.

The springs are the US version which are PROGRESSIVE. I know there’s lots of debate about whether they are linear or progressive. I called Eibach US themselves and was told the US version is progressive and the UK version is linear. This is for both Pro-Kit and the more aggressive Sportlines.

First impression: Wow it’s stiff. After being on stock suspension for 38k miles and suddenly switching to an aggressive suspension set up, I was shocked it felt so different. When the dampers were installed they were installed with the rears 1 turn from full stiff and fronts were in the middle(1.5 turns from both stiff/soft) I believe. I definitely know what people mean by you can feel every bump in the road. The car follows the road very closely now. Since I have the more aggressive spring option from Eibach I expected it to be harsher but it wasn’t. I really like the springs and it’s not bouncy. Right now I have no regrets going Sportline rather than Prokit but I’ll admit the average person who lowers their mk7 would probably opt for the less aggressive Pro-Kit. The rear sway bar now keeps the car very flat in corners. I notice the rear follows the front now instead of it having a mind of its own.

After some driving today I decided to adjust the front shocks with the adjustable piece it came with. It’s super easy to access under the hood and takes maybe 30 seconds to adjust. I went full soft then 1 full turn from full soft. The tears are obviously hard to access so those are staying put for right now which are 1 turn from full stiff. Went out again and wow it’s wayyyy better. Front is not as stiff and aggressive and now it absorbs a lot more imperfections. I would definitely go more stiff in the fronts for auto x or tracking but for daily driving this is the setting I’ll probably run most days.


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Yeah, the konis are pretty rough near the top of the adjustment range.

I would recommend fixing the rears so you aren't caught in an unexpected situation with the car's handling.