eGolf and 17" wheels?


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2016 e-Golf SEL
Hello! I just picked up a 2016 eGolf SEL Premium a few days ago, and I have a spare set of 225/45R17 Blizzaks that I have laying around that I would like to install onto it! I've been looking for wheels, and I found a set of 4 genuine Onyx wheels ( Part #5K0071497AX1) for $400 which is a steal for 4 OEM wheels! The offset and width is what worries me. Compared to the stock eGolf 16's, these are 17x7.5 ET54 (according to ECS Tuning) to the stock 16x6.5 ET46. That pushes these wheels 21mm towards the strut and 3mm towards the fender. Fender clearance I'm not terribly worried about, but that offset inside seems pretty extreme.

I've seen others with pretty wide and pretty high offset wheels, does anyone have experience with an offset and width that can vouch for how well it fits? Thank you all!

EDIT: The seller has them listed as 17x7 ET54, and I've found a few of that wheel available. Sooo what's the truth?
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