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Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) - How good is it


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Looking at a new Golf - been offered one with DCC. Question, it's the GT model, is there any improvements in the cornering of the car between Sport and Comfort!


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I have an R and love it, Comfort on long road trips is glorious, normal is normal and race tightens things up nice. Just prepare to pay twice as much when you replace them.


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I am so glad I got one with DCC. The difference between non-DCC cars and the ride comfort is so worth it - if you are the type that is sensitive to jarring road noise and cabin rattles. Soft setting is so nice I almost always leave it there because the car is still plenty sporty. When you wanna rip around some corners, tighten it up.

All this said is also considering i went from a non-dcc car on stock springs to a used DCC car on VWR lowering springs and twice the mileage. I can only imagine how much nicer it would be stock and brand new.


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I heard DCC was quite rare on 2015s so when i found mine i tested out a few to make sure i could tell the difference, super happy with how mine is riding even @ 125K kms


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Very happy with DCC and the difference between the modes.
Just make sure if you lower the car that you have both the DCC and ACC re-calibrated.

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I have DCC on the GLI 35th. I honestly love it. Being able to put it in comfort mode when approaching construction zones with torn up roads is priceless.