Downpipe Battle - IE VS MAP VS COBB VS Trackslag VS HPA


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Well for starters I live in VA which means I will have to pass Emissions every two years. I know there are some hacks and ways around it with putting the tune back to stock and getting everything to show rediness but I figured a DP with a 400Cell Gesi would be my best bet at minimizing the effort it would take to get it legal.
Also to be honest my car is my hobby. I get a lot of pleasure out of looking at 15 different DP's and way over analyzing the pro's and cons to each. Its possible sub consciously I hold off on pulling the trigger on one because then I wont need to research them anymore.
And lastly the over researching/analyzing tends to leave me with an option that is overkill. Do I really need a stage 3 clutch? No but from what I could gather it was the best one.
Buy once cry once instead of buying 3 times and spending way more money

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I'm curious to see if you have any fitment issues with the mid-pipe section of the Trackslag DP like I did?
The mid-pipe section sat too high on my 17 A3 quattro.
Installed it today. It fit pretty good. I had to have a shop expand the slip joint on the downpipe because the mid pipe wouldnt slide in. It still needs to go about an inch further in but I’ll have to take it to my custom exhaust place. I also installed a CTS catback. I had to omit the center brace because the pipe no longer lines up with the hump in the brace.