DIY: BMS JB Usb Through Firewall


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San Juan, PR
Today I managed to pass the usb cable for the JB through firewall, it can also be used for any other cable or meth kit. Is always better to do it when the car is cold and use the proper tools and security equipment.

1. Disconnect battery + and -, (2)10mm.

2. Remove the black cover from the battery and you will see in the bottom (1) 13mm bolt holding the battery in the front, slide battery towards you.

3. Go inside the car and remove (2) t20 bolts inside cabin above the pedals once removed to access the firewall

4. In the firewall you will see a black insulation panel thats need to be removed and later be reinstall.

5. Cut a small hole in the black oval or you can maybe use the other one rounded rubber in the firewall located to the left. (the round one I'm using it for the watermeth hose later)

6. Pass the usb cable from the engine to the cabin leaving the serial (db9) connected to the jb.

7. Route the cable under the dash and fuse box towards the small glove box left to the steering wheel.

8. Open the compartment and press both side to fully access the area.

Repeat all the steps to install everything back to normal. If you need help you can write me a pm.

Im using the rounded black acces to pass my meth line

I set my jb behid the battery (you dont have to) it gives you better reach for the usb, secure location and is less vissible but is more dificult to get if you need to remove it.