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Why waste time typing words when all you want is pics and vids?

Just kidding! Keep scrolling.

Current mod list:

Tomioka IHX475 turbo w/ EQT Vortex XL turbine housing
OpenSource ECU tuned by me
OpenSource DSG tuned by me
SimosTools by Switchleg
Map Switching by Switchleg
Rolling Antilag by Switchleg
MAP 200cell catted and resonated downpipe; stock resonator and muffler
IEv1 intercooler
Stock intake, dremel mod, -snowgrate, AFE dry filter, silicone inlet tube, Unitronic TIP
EQT charge pipe and TMD
Bosch 4bar PUT sensor, EQT 5bar MAP sensor
NGK Ruthenium spark plugs, OEM coils
Precision Raceworks 925cc MPI
Precision Raceworks Stage 3 LPFP (upgraded to Walbro 535 without checkvalve)
Powerflex hybrid dogbone puck, RocEuro arm, BFI stage 1 Engine/Tranny mounts
6xAustins; 4 with Michelin AS3+ and 2 with Toyo R888R (all 225/40)
BMS v2 black exhaust tips (v1 in storage)
Golf R black mirror caps with OEM Euro aspherical mirrors
Braille G30 Lithium battery
no spare; low profile sub box w/ Rockford Fosgate 12" sub powered by Fender sub amp
stock suspension, stock non-PP brakes
Lots of Badgeskins
AH Revision PCV (2015 stock part). All others have failed early.
Audi rear subframe harmonic damper
Precision Raceworks SAI delete plate + DIY intake SAI port filter
2slowvw grille scoop

You'll notice there are no CTS, 034 or ECS parts. Never will be.
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We don't want just “pics and and vids". We want the photos and videos explained and spoon fed to us in a chronologically organized thread 😫
^ yup



Autocross Champion didn't already have a build thread. So near 15k posts and no build thread.

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