Did some coding, and then my car started acting weird. Coincidence or not?


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Yesterday, I used obdeleven to allow me to use central locking with remote while the engine is running (so I can lock the doors if the car is still cold after a very short trip).

Today, after a few short trips, the car started dinging and displaying "attention: the engine is running" in the dash whenever the car was not moving. And then, I noticed that the driver's side mirror turn signal was not working, OR it would be actually lit up (at least, lit up according to the little mirror LED). And, the driver's side ambient lighting was fully bright, the switch/handle illumination were both on, with the anti theft LEDs flashing as if the car was parked/locked.

I did a quick search while waiting at a train crossing and saw something about dying keyfob battery.

Anyway, I got to my destination and set the central locking while engine running back to OFF because I don't want to deal with this shit.

It seemed to do the trick for the most part. But, my driver's side fog light does not work if I pull back on the switch to turn fogs on. It turns on for cornering/turn signals, etc. What the hell? Also, when I left the car in my garage, the driver's side door ambient lighting, etc. was still on for like 15 minutes. I checked on it and then went back inside to grab the other keyfob and when I got to the car the lights were off. Coincidence or not?

I'd imagine a dying keyfob battery would be simple enough to have the MFD display "change keyfob battery" or something... Did I break something with this?

Only coding mod on this car is for the 7.5 Euro LED tails. I am not sure if the driver's side fog light worked after the installation, I rarely use the fogs.