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Definitive Media Screen Fix


Passed Driver's Ed
I have the problem with the media screen going blank (remains functional to the touch). Hard reset with the button works to bring it back up but I have to do this daily.

The dealer replaced the control unit in the glove box under warranty but that didn't fix it. I am starting to think it might be the screen itself that is problematic.

I have done a ton of research but I can't find any definitive answer to the problem.

Any ideas?


Passed Driver's Ed
Smyrna, GA
I've had this happen twice in the 2 months I've owned my R. More frequently on start-up my radio will turn on at FM station 87.7 rather then the station playing when I turned the car off.


New member
I have a problem that the screen has gone blank with the logo of VW only visible however I do not have raio, settings, Bluetooth ecc

I took the car to the supplier and he suggested that I need to replace all unit and this will cost €1600. Since it is not under guarantee.

any suggestions please?