deAutoLED glovebox and front turn signals installation guide


Passed Driver's Ed
Spokane, WA
Glovebox - (2-5 minute install)

Supplies needed:

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • deAutoLED glovebox replacement
Step 1 - Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the housing from the glovebox (my housing was extremely snug - be patient).

Step 2 - Once you have the housing out, you will see the aluminum heat shield, which will probably be a little warm. It is attached to the housing by 4 small plastic pieces (which are part of the housing). Take off the heat shield.

Step 3 - The bulb is held on by four small metal bits. Use your screwdriver to gently pry the metal bits off of the bulb. The bulb should slide out. Push the LED in completely, then gently press the metal bits down until they're in full contact with the LED. The LED should light up if the housing is still connected. Pop the heat shield back on and pop the housing back into place. Done!

Front turn signals - (5-10 minute install)

Supplies needed:

  • deAutoLED front turn signals
Step 1 - Pop the hood open. To access the headlights, open the circular compartment. The turn signal bulb is the lowest cable/housing (look for the orange or the housing with two plastic prongs - the lower cable/housing in the attached picture). Pull it straight out (sometimes it takes some force, which is more difficult to do on the driver's side due to the small area around the compartment).

Step 2 - Now you will be holding the housing and bulb. To remove the bulb, hold the bulb and twist it counterclockwise. It should pop up out of the housing.

Step 3 - Slide the LED in. Once you have successfully lined up the two metal bumps on the LED with the two copper notches inside the housing (you will see what I mean when you look inside), you will have to twist it clockwise. It should now be connected. Put the housing/LED back in until you hear a little snap from the housing locking in place. Put the compartment cover back on. Repeat for the other side.

Step 4 - Start the car completely and test out both turn signals. If they were properly installed, no errors should display. If you get an error or alert message, follow the steps again and reinstall.


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