Dealer damaged car


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Whichever route you choose get something for the diminished value.

Especially if this ends up hitting your Carfax, it will for sure diminish value. Excellent point here
Thank you for your thoughts. The VW authorized body shop recommends repair. I am opting for replacement. It is a shame the dealership techs did this. I will make reference to this thread.

The tires were also rotated for the first time and I found deep gouges and scratches surrounding each hole where the lug nut was removed. This is because of the caress use of the impact drill. I share this to the general manager and he said that this is because of road debris. I also notified the service advisor and he said that this is normal. I wonder how do they remove the rims from VW's most expensive cars? I like the brand but VW dealership techs really need training and they have to be more careful.
If I didn't mention it yet, grab a notebook and write down dates and if possible times that you have called, talked and what was said, paraphrased and names. This way, you are not recalling what someone said or when.

Road debris and normal? Its BS and they know it. I would stay persistent with VWoA for sure. They will keep on the dealer until the car is fixed to your satisfaction. I have to say I was very impressed by their involvement in my case. I would get an update from the dealer and then a call from VWoA, every time. I know you are frustrated, but keep in mind you will get much better results if you keep a cool head and just stick to the facts. I have been there, you just want your car fixed correctly, and I have seen people tear manufacturer reps a new one over the issue and they get a lot less traction that way.

Its a shit situation not created by you. Only by the tech and managers after him. I had asked the same question as you, if you treat ,y car like this, what happens when a truly expensive car comes through? Stick to your guns and remain calm, it will work out. My friend had an issue with his VW at an Audi dealer and ended up getting an extended warranty out of it for his troubles.