DCC Slider Mod


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I want to improve my DCC settings - from 3 position to slider in Superb 2020.
But whatever I do I cannot change it to slider.
What have I done:
  1. Flashed DCC. From 5Q0907376B to 5Q0907376C.
  2. Updated DCC parameters to Arteon parameters.
    (I'v used original parameters from VCP library - maybe this will be cause of the issue. Maybe not all Arteons have slider?)
  3. Changed parameters in FPA Editor:
  4. Uploaded it to the gateway.
  5. Reset unit.
But still looks like this:
Do I need to change something more in FPA Editor? Or should I try with other dataset for DCC module?
*It looks like parameters for gateway are working - because I can change other settings - for example dynamic lights, sport diff...


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Assuming the DSC or APR controller do what they claim to do they will be an improvement factory DCC tuning, slider or no slider. I'm not doubting by the way, but I don't have any experience.

And if you plan to go with either one of those controllers you should not enable the slider. Those controllers expect requests for the standard three modes, not 15 settings.

I don't think that's a limitation. In theory with their improved tuning, you won't need 15 settings.
Hi guys and in this case specially @Cuzoe, you all have my big respect for this knowledge and ability to perform such a mods.

I have question related to aftermarket DCC controllers specially here mentioned APR and DSC. I believe it is a fair to assume that APR controller is basically DSC controller with
different branding and tune. APR on their pages show more information in regarding where it can be used in meaning of what factory DCC controllers can be replaced by it.
For VW cars they are listing 5Q0907376, 5Q0907376A, 5Q0907376B. For Audi 8V0907376B, 8V0907376C, 8V0907376D, 8V0907376E, 8V0907376G, 8V0907376H.
Based on this thread VW supported cars are with 3 levels of DCC setting instead of 15. I don't know how many levels Audi has with specified controllers.

I own Cupra formentor produced in 2021, it is basically seat so kind of VW and Audi frankenstein car. My cars supports 15 level of DCC.

I have basically two questions / conclusions to confirm.

1. this is my DCC identification from VCDS:
Address 14: Susp. Elect. (J250) Labels: 1EA-907-376.clb
Part No SW: 1EA 907 376 C HW: 1EA 907 376
Component: DAEMPFUNGS-SG H05 0457
Serial number: 2C7673241215062 Dataset Number: V03935349HZ 0002
VCID: 3A2C30CF3CD1922A217-806F

Is it safe to assume I have VW based DCC controller maybe by ROD number and VW38.rod ending of it ?

2. As my car supports 15 levels of DCC and VW units mentioned by APR as supported have only 3 levels.
It seems to that APR controller in case it would be compatible with my dampers will downgrade it back to 3 levels only and my gateway
Part No SW: 5WA 907 530 G HW: 5WA 907 530 G Component: GW2020 High 756 7097 could have issue with it ?

It looks like it should be smarter to wait if DSC / APR does introduces controller for mk8 / MQB platform.


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@olaf to make it short and sweet. A lot of us would not recommend the DSC/APR controller at all. Neither company has shown any interest in fixing the issues on the mqb platform. You are correct that they only advertise support for three modes and most people are not even getting that.