CSB3: Acadias Dumps Are Toxic Enough To Cause Power Outages


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Me, working in person every day. Ain't shit going on in Summer though so I'm just reading about cars and having free coffee and bagels


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Woodski after another day of having never tried coffee (he lives under a rock)

I got baked for the first time this weekend and went full retard. One of my friends told me that it takes a few times of smoking to get a "good high".
@rockautobrakerotorsguy come down to TX if you want weather like that for half the year.
Work and life here in ATX is going good :)


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nice try PPNT
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Nice! First time is definitely wild lol. I remember feeling like I was blacking out every 10 seconds or something. The 100th time is nothing like it


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Not gonna lie, I didn't enjoy it. I kept thinking to myself that I must look so stupid with how I was acting.
Not eager to try it again any time soon.

It's a lot like getting drunk. Your surroundings and the vibes have a big influence on the effect.


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But really the first time I got high I was on a different planet. It was winter and my heat was on, I laid on my bed with my legs hanging off the side by the heater. The air from the vent was hitting my leg hair and I was shifting my legs slightly and could feel every hair moving. I don't know how long I did that for but it was a long time. I've done plenty of acid in my day and still think the first time smoking was one of the most fucked up I've ever been


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I've had more than a few serious tripping moments just from weed.

Especially if you stack smoking on top of edibles.

By far the most fucked up I ever got was on mushrooms, tho. We had an 8 gram mushroom that we boiled into tea. It hit my friends way before me because they started acting super weird immediately. One of my friend's eventually started acting too weird (he left to take a bath) so I had to leave.

I didn't feel that fucked up so of course it was okay to drive. Should have known better when I pressed the clutch to start the car and felt like I was pushing the pedal down into the earth. Oh well..fired her up and headed out.

It was going pretty well til I got to the highway. I got onto the road no problem and set the cruise at like 66. People started rocketing past me...or so I thought. To me it looked like they were going 100mph and I could see ludicrous trails off their tail lights. I got off at the next exit and start using the backroads thinking that would be better.

I get to one part where you go under a bridge and right then someone behind me blasts the horn. The echo shocked the shit out of me so I pulled over to let them go past. Like, heart pounding shock, I actually had to take a moment to recover.

Anyway, I actually did make it home, "safely," somehow. Then when I was in my room, the hallway light was on while my room was dark and I started thinking the door was a portal to another dimension.

Used up a lot of my life luck on that little adventure. Probably like a 35 minute drive but I remember it feeling like an endurance race. :LOL: