CSB3: Acadias Dumps Are Toxic Enough To Cause Power Outages


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oh young adulthood

I may or may not have known a pair of individuals who might or might not have set a creek on fire with garage produced napalm, put a dent in someone's brand new volvo with a co2 bb gun, flashed traffic, did copious amounts of drugs, had a threeway with a rando girl, all sorts of mischief.

it's a miracle I'm still here, I have a lot of friends from a past life who weren't nearly so lucky.
Damn, y'all were really the main characters


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Well this has been funny. Leftover deep dish pizza for lunch
we just had lasanga the other night, what a coincidence

actually ages ago I made a white lasagna (alfredo sauce, chicken, ricotta and mozzerella, noodles, herbs & spices) and now I wanna have that again. But I'm super looking forward to the weekend, going to NJ for birthday karting at the Supercharged they opened up in Edison and then wings after. And a pitstop at Yocco's, which I've never had but I hear is super good


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Going to try to walk this rule 1 tightrope.....

The issue here are the restrictive laws requiring age verification beyond just the "yes I'm 18" button we all hit when we were 14. Pornhub is saying in order to be compliant with the new laws they would be required to have people enter their drivers license/state ID numbers.

I'm with PH on this one. I don't want my license directly tied to all the animal clown videos I'm watching.

Meanwhile in Europe every other channel has hardcore porn on at night. It's another glimmer of this weird puritanical line that runs through America where how good of a person you are is directly related to how many things you don't do that everyone else does. (Also see: vegans)

On my defense. I was pulling my porn from usenet.


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There I was minding my own business............ this thread went from celebrating the birth of a beautiful baby and the possibility of a new talking about pictures of bacon rings and man gravy.

I've got stories to add about both of those subjects, but I'll just say that any nasty stuff that you've seen or done was probably nothing compared to scanning an Iraqi farm with night vision. I called those nights the "Silence of the Goats".

On a positive note, I filled in to instruct a class yesterday and even though I felt a little rusty, I think I just set myself up for my next promotion.


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Ah, the golden years. My dad had a parental control software installed on the computer. Once I figured out how to bypass it, everything went downhill. But I think maybe I had some crossed wires, because once I learned that I could defeat that, I started to chase down what other things I could solve. And now I've got a nice cushy career IT adjacent -- smart enough to fix most 'while you're here' problems, but they're not my responsibility so if I don't have time, I can have the requestor submit a ticket and kick it off to the right department.

"the talk" edit: Is this the one about how no matter what, you don't try to breach gov't systems? Because they have infinitely more time and resources to not only find you, but fuck you six thousand ways over AND thousands of much more intelligent individuals and sophisticated equipment to ensure that you'll not only find nothing of value, but also find yourself Mitnick-levels of banned from anything more technologically advanced than an abacus
He already knows the government can fuck him sideways and inside out 6 ways to Sunday. More along the lines of “this is your dick, this is your elbow” and “there is no way that’s his step-mom”
Clever kid, you can't even be mad at that.
Nope. Not at all. It was the shutting off ask to buy and spending $100+ on Pokemon Go, Brawl Stars, etc

Crazy that I'm closer to your son's age than I am to your age.
You motherfucker, you told us to say “no kizzy” because that’s what the kids say. My kids both told me I was “cringe” and only old people say that. NOW YOU’RE OLD PEOPLE