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Hello all,

I just joined the forum because I've recently discovered that the clutch on my bone stock 15 GTI is starting to slip under low rpm boost in 6th. I'd been reluctant to do any engine performance mods because I'd read that the stock clutch was unsuited for that, and since this is my daily I didn't want to open a can of worms. But now that the stock one is on its way out (84k miles btw, ~50k of them mine), I'm looking to replace it with something more capable.

About me. I'm a middle aged man who takes this car to work, food shopping, visit family, and the occasional road trip. It is in every sense a daily driver. I recently went from the stock 18" rims down to 17s because of their better chance of being able to survive a big pothole without bending a rim, or like I did taking out a wheel bearing on an interstate a few years ago. I'll never track the car, or be too worried about the guy in the Subaru next to me at the stop light. Car seems fine running on 87, and I'm good with that. The point is, I'm not the "boy racer" type; I have no plans on side stepping the clutch at 5 grand for funzies. I will be doing all of the labor myself, because I'm mechanically inclined, have the tools, enjoy projects like this, and I'm cheap.

That being said, when the new clutch goes in, I'll be looking at sending the PCM out for a flash. When the stock turbo finally shits the bed, it'll be replaced by something modestly bigger and better (IS38 maybe?). If the intercooler gets punctured by a stone, it will be replaced by a bigger, more capable one. You get the idea.

Can someone recommend me a clutch given the above use case? I'm not looking to spend South Bend money, and from what I've read so far, I shouldn't have to. Also flywheel recommendations are appreciated (keep stock DMF or upgrade?)

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Welcome. I'll be the first to day "low rpm boost in 6th" is not a place you should be – regardless of clutch, giving it the beans at low RPMs in high gears can lead to low speed pre ignition and... dead engine. And is also a good way to wear out any clutch.

I had the RSR Hybrid clutch in my previous car, a 2015 GTI, and absolutely loved it but it's not cheap so probably not a consideration for you. Someone else will chime in with other options... good luck!


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I'm an ACT clutch guy, have been for years and it's what all of my modded cars have gotten. They just work. They are also Southbend money as you put it. With that it mind, if you want to keep your OEM flywheel, look at a Spec clutch. You mentioned IS38 or other bigger turbo later. That makes me want to say get a nice Spec clutch to future proof the coming of that turbo. This way you have a clutch that can hold that power. This would translate to a $900 Spec stage 2+ clutch. To me, I would rather add $400 bucks to that, and get an ACT clutch that can hold more power and would be a kit that includes flywheel, pressure plate, and of course the clutch disc itself. Also the TOB and alignment tool come in the kit.

Spec clutch:

My GTI has this clutch setup:

-Was holding tuned power quite nicely (about 65k miles worth to date)


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I'm going to say what you don't want to hear because I've done this before. Dec2021-Jan2022. After considering all the options and their torque ratings, and comparing those to my expected future projects+torque gains, it only made sense for me to me to go with a southbend stage 3 daily kit because they are proven reliable. I have an EQT stage 2 tune with just a downpipe and that's it and this clutch holds and could do more. With your plans for the future, I would recommend the same. If you want something that's not gonna slip when you're flashed, just use this clutch and don't overthink it. I posted on this forum somewhere with the side by side for torque limits, and honestly if you go big turbo and tune, you may exceed the SB stage 3 daily and might want the next higher performance option.

How much more are you saving going with another brand that has less data behind it, and is that worth it to you? That's always what I come back to for making my own decisions. Of course, plenty of people have used other clutches but I couldn't justify the cost difference and potentially having to deal with the headache of having to repeat work if it didn't hold the power, caused problems etc.

Honestly, I really like the sound of the clutch chatter. I don't trust anyone who say it's annoying and uses that as a real reason for going for another clutch - go drive an EV if you want to hear the wind over the sound of your car. To me it gives the car a more mechanical feel and sound at low speeds in 2nd gear is one of my favorite things about the car. Expect a heavier clutch pedal, it's approx 125% of the stock clutch pedal feel, so it takes extra effort, but shouldn't be a problem. Anyone who considers that annoying should go EV and never look back.

Don't bother replacing your rear main seal and if for some reason you have to, use the stock seal.

I'm sure you know about break in procedure, that wasn't exactly fun, but you can make it fun if you drive the car someplace with a view and pack a lunch/dinner. Heck bring a friend as long as they don't get car sick. Be safe and use your hazards to do the stop and go.

Breakdown (prices are from back then, may have changed):
$1700: Clutch disc stage 3 daily + single mass flywheel, included hardware, throw out bearing/slave cylinder assembly
$750: labor costs and hydraulic fluid, road test
^ the labor is something I wasn't capable of, so i had a trusted shop do it
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I’ll second the RSR Hybrid clutch matted with an OEM Dual mass flywheel. I have about 5k miles on mine and I’m is38 with a 93 octane tune. I don’t launch my car and stay out of boost in 6th. Other than that I get on it every chance I get and I like the way it feels. No excessive noise ( a very little more than stock at idle) and it’s handled the power great so far.