Clutch for 2015 GTI


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Hey everyone after taking my MK7 to do a little racing I came to the realisation that the stock clutch is complete garbage for 1/4 mile racing. I was curious if anyone had any good recommendations or experience with some good clutches for drag and daily driving for a Stage 2. Thanks everyone!

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I've just order a clutch as well. I've settled on the south bend stage 3 daily rated for 500 torque because its the most support by tuner dealers and they offer 12k miles warranty on their clutch. I wanted a Single Mass flywheel as I felt this way I would only have to do it once. That said as you will quickly find out it is not the clutch of choice by many. I did not get it yet so I cant speculate much.


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I just had the Haus of Dubs clutch installed. It allows you to reuse the the stock dmfw if you wish or swap it out for another stock one depending on the shape of your current flywheel. Grabs nice and predictability and really tightened up the feel of my shifts. There is a heck of a good review from another member floating around here somewhere but I forget where.