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Hey everyone,

This will be a build thread on my 2017 Volkswagen GTI Sport 6MT. Looking to create a OEM Plus GTI inspired by the GTI Clubsport/Clubsport S with other high quality aftermarket brands that concentrate on performance and fit/finish being paramount.

Will update this modification list as more parts come in and are installed:


  • APR Stage 2 Software - 93 Oct File (using 91oct + E85 Blend)
  • APR Cast Downpipe
  • APR Gen 3 MQB CF Intake + Stage 2 CF Pipe + SAI Filter
  • APR Cast Turbo Inlet Pipe
  • APR Boost Tap
  • BRISK Silver Racing ER12S Spark Plugs
  • Integrated Engineering FDS/Flow Distribution System Intercooler
  • Integrated Engineering Turbo Muffler Delete
  • OEM GTI Clubsport S Rear Silencer/Muffler & Dual Clip (5G6253609DD + 1K0253141AA)


  • 034 Density Line MQB Engine & Transmission Mount
  • Burger Motorsports Clutch Stop + Removal of clutch assist spring
  • Dieselgeek Six Sigma Short Shifter
  • ECS Ultimate Clutch Pedal Upgrade Kit
  • HPA Motorsports Core Interlock with Dog Bone/Pendulum 75A Mount
  • iAbed Industries Rear Main Seal
  • Performance Pack VAQ Diff - OBDEleven coding ESC completely off, Vibration Reduction/Torque Limiter Deactivated
  • Sachs SRE (Sachs Race Engineering) Clutch Kit


  • OEM GTI Clubsport S - BBS marked 19x8 +50 Pretoria Wheels (5G0601025AJZ49) with OEM Golf R - 235/35/19 Continental ContiSportContact 5P Tires
  • OEM GTI Clubsport S Front LCA's with Rear Bushes (5Q0407151K + 5Q0407152K)
  • OEM GTI Clubsport S Rear Sway Bar 21.7x3.6 (5Q0511305BA)
  • Ohlins R&T/ Road & Track Coilovers VWS-MP20
  • 034Motorsport Track Density Strut Mounts - 75 Durometer


  • Dutch Parts Co. High Density Polyethelene (HDPE) Front Splitter
  • OEM Lighting Package (Premium Auto Styling Amber Delete Tink Overlays) - OBDEleven coded for LED's on while turn signals on
  • OEM Euro Golf R/ Clubsport / Clubsport S Tinted LED Tailights (5G0945207C + 5G0945208C + 5G0945307D + 5G0945308D) - using BEC harness
  • OEM VW LED License Plate Lights (35D943021A) - coded with OBDEleven


  • APR Boost Gauge Kit (Red Needle)
  • BFI Alcantara E-Brake Boot
  • OEM GTI Clubsport Alcantara Steering Wheel (5G0419091EGNNM)
  • OEM GTI Clubsport Shiftknob & Alcantara Shift Boot (5G1711113FWEJ)
  • RECARO Roadster Carseat - Midnight (All Black) for my toddler son

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Southern CA
Little background on myself, been modifying cars for about 15 years, deep passion for automobiles since I was very young. In the past 3 years I have gotten married and I have two young boys I hope to share my passion of automobiles with. Have a had a decent list of past cars but my #1 money pit was my '00 Honda S2000 (currently still have it but it is in pieces-parting it out slowly) which I have had since 2001. The car has been through many phases, most notable one was full Mugen Aero - Wheels - R Comps, Moton Suspension, Built Motor Standalone ECU with Individual Throttle Bodies.

First venture into the VAG Community was in 2010 when I purchased a used '07 Audi RS4. Pretty simple build, only added a few things, namely Stasis Ohlins Motorsport Suspension, Work Meister S1's, JHM rotors. Sold it a few years back.

Second venture into VW Audi Group was leading up to having my first child, my wife and I decided on a VW Golf Sportwagen SEL TDI. Didn't do much with this car pending the diesel scandal. Only added a oem roof rack and bike mount for my roadbike.

With VW hurting from the diesel scandal, a bunch of models are being discounted. At first, I was looking at a Golf R, but was discouraged to find out almost all dealers in Socal didn't want to give much if any discounts on the R. Next best thing was the new GTI, of which I really liked the Sport Trim. My main reasoning is since the US isn't getting the Clubsport, I thought it was the closest blank slate to build one up. This is my daily driver so who knows if I'll pull through with all the mods :rolleyes: . But I would like to add on most of the Clubsport Aero (I did read the rear wing will be a challenge to do the regular golf hatch being different than the gti/R hatch), Pretoria Wheels, most of the Clubsport Interior (F those seats will be expensive), Ohlins RT suspension, and would like to IS38 stage 2 farther in the future.

Here it is the night I picked the GTI up:

Picked up OBDeleven from DAP on black friday. Added mirror dip, deleted soundaktor, led's on while signals are on.

Also pretty happy to have picked up a essentially brand new set of OEM Pretoria's with stock Golf R rubber from forum member fossilfuel (Thanks Rod!). He wasn't charging a ridiculous amount like some ebay auctions and other sets Ive seen for sale. Also pretty excited they are BBS marked (a bit harder to find than the borbet and ronal marked ones). They came in last night and here is a pic of how it sits this morning (4x4 I know lol)

And some motivation :D

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Very sweet! Welcome to the forum! There are great people here as you have already seen!


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Step 1: get some LED tails :)

Welcome aboard!


Ready to race!
Southern CA
Some pictures I took this morning, went on a drive with my eldest.

Added a BMS clutch stop and took off the clutch assist spring, clutch feels decent now. Ordered a OEM GTI Clubsport Shiftknob & Alcantara Shift Boot and LED license plate lights.



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Southern CA
Looking forward watching this build.
Nice quality pics.
Think you will take on the Clubsport steering wheel? Cost higher.
If time do a DIY install of the new shifter if you can. Would like to know more on this.

Thanks Sandman, yup planning on the clubsport steering wheel but after the holidays pass. Will take some DIY pics when I install the new clubsport knob boot and maybe a shortshift kit as well.


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Very nice. Love your past cars, too. Pretorias look awesome. Can't wait for the clubsport interior upgrades.


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Oem Gti Clubsport Shiftknob and Alcantara Shiftboot came in

Very nice. Love your past cars, too. Pretorias look awesome. Can't wait for the clubsport interior upgrades.

Thank you!!


OEM GTI Clubsport Shiftknob and Alcantara Shiftboot came in tonight. Pretty easy install, two clips on upper part of shift boot to push in and lift up. Then the metal ring to hold the boot and knob in place must be forced off. Clubsport knob/boot comes with new metal ring. This video helped