City Emergency Brake activated by a plastic bag!!


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Driving this morning in the city doing around 20mph, a white plastic bag blew across the road in front of my new golf and the car decided to perform an emergency stop in the middle of the road. Scared the crap out of me!:eek: Fortunately there was nobody behind me otherwise that would have been the second accident in a week.

Is this supposed to happen and how can I turn the thing off. I hate all of these electronic gizmos.


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that was a pain in the behind !:eek:
I was wondering would that exact scenario happen & was hoping that
the radar would in some way have a density recognition


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Does anyone know if it's possible to turn off the front assist functionality permanently (which caused the emergency braking)? I can deactivate when I get in the car but when I restart the engine the Front assist is reactivated automatically. Called the local VW dealer and they didn't have a clue.:mad:


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I have had a similar issue. Going under 20, the car in front of me turned left. I had plenty of room to pass as they were moving away however the radar saw and object in front of me and not knowing what I knew (that the car was turning left and had nearly cleared the space in front of me) it JAMMED the brakes on. It gave me a warning beep about 1/2 a second before doing it.

It is going to be an interesting insurance claim if someone slams into the back of me.


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The VW manual strongly recommends Front assist is always activated so I hope I wouldn't make myself liable by turning this off!? This is blo*dy dangerous

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I would bet you can vag-com it permanently off.