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Check oil light issue MK7


New member
New jersey
So recently when driving I noticed the check oil light came on when driving to work, I checked the oil when I got there after waiting some time and it was about halfway on the dipstick, light went after I checked it, but I topped it off anyway. About 3 days later it came back on and the oil level has hardly changed since I added it, could a sensor be off or am I just burning that much oil?


Passed Driver's Ed
From the owner's manual the oil is to be checked when at operating temperature, mine says to let the car sit a few minutes then check. So if you do this and the oil level is between the marks then you should be good. Sensors being sensors they can fail or be off. If the oil level is correct per your manual and this continues I would have the dealer or maybe someone with an OBD can check for faults with this sensor. Keep checking the oil for awhile to be on the safe side but I doubt you are burning any.