Center Air Vents won't blow air


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First post here. I have a 2016 golf R that recently stopped blowing air from the center air vents. All other vents work. Blower seems to be working fine and both heat and cold work. I can see the flaps open and close for the center vents, it seems the actuator engage those vents. I know we have 3 actuators in the car and I have located the one under the steering wheel. Anyone know the location of the other two? Anyone have part numbers for all three? Any other ideas that might be easier than removing the dash?


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a/c blend door motor i think its called. IT's PITA to get to, basically right behind the instrument cluster on the right

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I don't know if this work for you. I also have a 2016. A VCDS scan reported my recirc door wasn't working. I thought it wasn't closing because I didn't hear a great the difference in the air rushing through the vents. So, I took it to the dealer because it was still under extended warranty. Turns out the tech was able to resolve it by doing an adaptation with his (if they still use them), ODIS. It seems to have increased the sound of the coming through the vents little, but since it's been months since I had it done and the fault didn't return it must have worked. I did play with the recirc button a few times when I got home, then scanned the car and there were no faults. I do a full scan every month. You should be able to do it yourself with VCDS, and I don't know if OBD11 has this functionality. And it looks like the actuator for this door is behind the dash. Good luck.
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