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Hello, I have a friend who's wanting to purchase a golf dsg. Never had a VW so I'm not sure what to expect but wanting to ask questions about them and reliability / issues etc.

Drives to work around 10-15 miles there and back, they might do 50-70 miles once a week when travelling to families or other places.

Was looking into the 2.0 TSI but seems out of budget. 2.0 TDI is in budget but not sure because of the mileage that they will be doing. Have also had a look at 1.4 TSI golf or 1.8 TSI polo but the 7 speed DSG puts me off buying.

Would be buying any car after 2013/14 with budget of around £10-13k but preferably less would be better.

Would any of you guys recommend the 2.0 TDI even if they were doing short journeys or 1.4 / 1.8 TSI at all? What issues to look out for?

Thanks, Janny.


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That would not be a good usage for a TDI. Cross it off their list. It will be doing regens so often, the fuel mileage gains will be wiped out.

The 7 speed DSG is stronger than the 6 speed DSG. It's also a good match for their intended use.

1.4 or 1.8 TSI is the best bet.

I can't comment any further because I'm in the USA.