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Buy now or wait for Mk8? Sarah reviews the 2020 GTI S

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She's much less annoying when you realize that she wrenches on her own cars and actually is quite the gearhead...

Her 2019 Rabbit video is one of the reviews that really turned me on to the car....for reasons. ....

And yeah, I like her videos. She certainly knows her shit. Former Air Force engineer or something like that.


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Didn't know that. She used to annoy me because every automotive youtube video, she would comment on it to promote her channel.

But that kind of puts her into a different light


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I like her videos, a lot better than some of the idiots out there on youtube...

and what year did they replace the USB-A outlet with a USB-C one? anyone know the part #?

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I've seen this girl's review a few times on various cars and while she is quirky her comments are legitimate, I think.
However I did want her to comment about the horrible gas pedal for MT driving if she really is a car girl while taking those fast corners.


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Remains to be seen. I don't think the MK8 is going to be any better mechanically than the MK7.5. Now, you'll probably get the digital gauge cluster and some other interior upgrades, but it's up to you how much of a difference that actually makes.


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No buttons or knobs on the media player is an interior downgrade.
Its a PITA to hit any of the "touch buttons" on the infotainment of my '19 SE. My '18 civic si had the HVAC built INTO the slow as hell android driven infotainment. I hated that because if you left the heat or a/c on you had to wait for the screen to boot before you could turn the air off or adjust the fan speed. It was idiotic. The '19 si fixed that I think, or the '20 did. So I say no thanks to the mk8 with the touch garbage.


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Its a PITA to hit any of the "touch buttons" on the infotainment of my '19 SE.
Totally agree. I had a '16 first that I'd upgraded to the 8" matte screen with the original hard buttons. Perfect. The current glossy screen & capacitive buttons is a MASSIVE downgrade as far as I'm concerned. Might even "downgrade" it back to the old 8" setup.

The Mk8 is a full blown disaster with sliders and capacitive touch controls EVERYWHERE.
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